Allied Artists of Johnstown and the Garden Club of Johnstown
'A Masterpiece in Bloom'

A joint venture between two organizations was arranged, and after a year in the planning and development stages, the Allied Artists of Johnstown and Garden Club of Johnstown unveiled a unique art show to the region. Seventy seven works of art had been juried into the event, and the Garden Club was tasked to complement specific works with their arrangements. The resulting display was undoubtedly one of the most exquisite shows to have graced the Johnstown area. It exhibited on July 24 – 25, 2015.

The show was highly attended during both days of the event. Even though the live floral arrangements were only able to be displayed for two days, the AAJ works remain on display until September 7th.

Hanging the art works for the exhibit     mouseover to stop scrolling
Masterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in BloomMasterpiece in Bloom
below: AAJ Member Bob Hovanec and wife Pat had a show opening right next door in the Bottleworks building, making this day all the more special.
above: Each display was set up in an exquisite fashion to complement a specific art work, creating a treasured experience.
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The Art Work   note: those with a letter number designation (ie: G1) indicates that there was a corresponding floral arrangement which is shown in the gallery on the right for that specific artwork.
#475-BO-14 by Ken CotlarA1-Hello Georgeous by Annette BallowApril's Arrival by Diane M. SafkoB1-Backyard Beauties by Diane M. SafkoBefore the Spill- Jean Lafette Swamp by Annette BallowBlack Pot with Clay Button by Gary LehmanBlooms by Cynthia MullenBoth Feet In by Joanne MekisButterflies and Daisies by Lisa MullC1-Tuscan Twilight by Kathleen Kase BurkCascadia by Lisa MullCelestializing by Alan RauchCheerful Bouquet by Helen ThorneCircle of Life by Joanne MekisClassroom Chaos by Joanne MekisCubs by Lance MarksD1-Sugar Coated Core-Closed to the Public by Kira HovanecDaisies by Mary Wiley LewisE1-Land of Enchantment by Ann DoughertyF1-Shattered Heart by Saundra GramlingFanciful Flora by Diane M. SafkoFeather Pot by Gary LehmanForever Rose by Judith LansberryFrost by Kathleen Kase BurkG1-Reminiscence by Sandra GrechGarden Cat by Georgia AkersGarden Paths by Cynthia MullenGilding the Lilies by Kathy ReedGrazing Elephant by Donna HouselH1-Front Range Sunflower by Brandon HirtHeart One by Richard HowerHeart Three by Richard HowerHeart Two by Richard HowerHosta-Big Blue by Georgia AkersJ1-Dieter's Delight by Marianne KriznerJanuary Lace by Bennett VaughnJohnstown Stone Bridge by Kasey HagensK1-Floral Fantasy by Lida HoodL1-#460-PX-14 by Ken CotlarM1-Rat-A-Tat-Tat by Alan LichtenfelsMagnolias by Helen ThorneMorning Dew Drops by Lida HoodMy Garden Flowers by Georgia AkersN1-Sunlit Path by Lora MarshNature Gazing by Lynn MusulinNature's Brilliance by Sandra GrechNature's Design by Diane M. SafkoO1-Leaves an Impression by Diane M. SafkoOrchids by Helen ThorneOverflowing with Happiness by Marianne KriznerP1-The Sapling by Alan RauchPansies II by Mary Wiley LewisPathfinder by Georgia AkersPeacock Pine by Carolyn VaughnPeonis and Allium by Gary LehmanPlatonic Signatures by Gary LehmanQ1-Geometric Swizzle by Annette BallowR1-Summer's Glory by Marianne KriznerScented Silhouettes by Kathy ReedSeason's Twilight by Saundra GramlingSelf Portrait-The colors of Coleus by Georgia AkersSigns of Spring by Sandra GrechSpider Mums by Daniel HelselSpring Garden 2008-I by Annette Ballow Standing Out by Sandra GrechStill Life by Lida HoodStolen Flowers by Kathy ReedThrough Grandma's Eyes by Duane WebbTry to Remember by Clifford KeppleTwo Hole Pot with Nesting Pot by Gary LehmanUnadorned by Marianne KriznerWeeds and Grasses by Mary Wiley LewisWings & Things by Donna HouselWinterberry by Lora Marsh
Below are the corresponding floral arrangements that match the artist's letter/number designation on the right.
A1-Table Artistry Inspiration-Hello Georgeous by Annette BallowB2-Youth Division Inspiration-Backyard Beauties by Diane M. SafkoC1-Helen Thorne - 1st Place Artistic Design inspiration- Tuscan Twilight by Kathleen Kase BurkC1-Marianne Krizner -Honorable Mention - Artistic Design - Tuscan Twilight by Kathleen Kase BurkD1-Artistic Design Petite Division Inspiration - Sugar Coated Core-Closed to the Public by Kira HovanecE2- Youth Division inspiration-Land of Enchantment by Ann DoughertyF1-Designers Choice inspiration-Shattered Heart by Saundra GramlingG1- Artistic Design Petite Division inspiration-Reminiscence by Sandra GrechH1-Club Vegetable inspiration-Front Range Sunflower by Brandon HirtJ1-Horticulture Vegetable Division inspiration-Dieter's Delight by Marianne KriznerK1-Novice Division inspiration-Floral Fantasy by Lida HoodL1-Table Artistry inspiration- #460-PX-14 by Kenneth CotlarM1-Designers Choice inspiration-Rat-A-Tat-Tat by Alan LichtenfelsN1- Alfresco Table Setting inspiration-Sunlit Path by Lora MarshO1-Education Division inspiration- Leaves an Impression by Diane M. SafkoP1- Education Division inspiration- The Sapling by Alan RauchQ1-Artistic Design inspiration-Geometric Swizzle by Annette BallowR1- Horticulture Division inspiration- Summer's Glory by Marianne Krizner
AAJ Event Committee members Diane Safko and Duane Webb
below: AAJ Event Chair Marianne Krizner and
JGC Chair Carla Straw
AAJ Co-chair Dan Helsel and Committee member Diane Safko
AAJ Event Committee members Sandra Grech and Saundra Gramling
Bottle Works Director Angela Rizzo and AAJ Co-chair Dan Helsel
Event attendees Patricia Safko, Diane Safko and Debra Elder
Our sincere thanks to the many people who assisted over nearly a year of planning in the coordination process to bring this show together.

The result was something that will be a cherished memory for the Garden Club, Allied Artists, and those many patrons and spectators who supported our efforts by attending the two day event.