Johnstown art by Ralph Clemenson
Exhibiting at SAMA, UPJ campus, the Pasquerilla Center for the Performing Arts
August 27 - December 14, 2014

MARY WEIDNER retired professor at Carnegie Mellon, served as the juror for our 82nd annual exhibit, being held at Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art (SAMA) in the Pasquirella Center of University of Pittsburgh's Johnstown campus.
AWARD - Anonymous 

Artist - Joy Fairbanks 'Studio 26'AWARD 1st Summit Bank 

artist - Brian Dumm 'We the People'AWARD Dr Magdi and Karen Azer
artist - Andrew Thomas 'Red'AWARD - Evelyn Picking Trust/ Community Foundation of the Arts
artist - Ken Cotlar '466cv14' Josephine Paul Memorial  AWARD -

artist - Sherrill Begres 'Boulder Basin'Joy Fairbanks AWARD 

artist - Mark Eash Winter in the WoodsKen Cotlar AWARD 

artist - Mary Wiley Lewis 'Nearing Harvest' 

This painting was chosen by 2014 Friends of Art recipients: Church of the Brethren Home, Windber, PALynn Musulin AWARD - 

artist - Lori Perrine Miglioretti 'What's so Funny?'Rose Mary Hagadus AWARD -

artist - Kira Hovanec 'Sugar Coated Core: Closed to Public'AWARD Drorothy and Camille Maravalli

artist - Kathleen Kase - Burk 'The Passing of Time'Rosemary Pawlowski AWARD -

artist -  Ann Dougherty 'Lone Survivor'Shirley Wagner AWARD -

artist -  Lance Marks 'Diving the U352'Robert Horowitz AWARD 

artist - Jim Richey 'Iceland'Alan Lichtenfels 'Standing Ovation'Alan Rauch 'Le Chateau en Provence'Andrew Thomas 'Metal'Bennett Vaughn 'Little Beeches'Bob Hovanec 'Inclined Plane'Bob Hovanec 'Lana Park'Bob Wertz 'Natures Lace'Cindy Mullen 'Jewels'Cindy Mullen 'Lavendar's Blue'Cindy Mullen 'Maggie'Clifford Kepple 'Goose at Quemahoning Backwater'Clifford Kepple 'Stillness - Storm Coming'Colleen Schellhammer 'Hummingbird Moth'Colleen Schellhammer 'Maui Paradise'Don Rayner 'Millcreek'Frank Krasovic 'Nature Exhibit A'Frank Krasovic 'Nature Exhibit B'Georgia Akers 'Great Aunt Lucretia'Joy Fairbanks 'Approach'Joy Fairbanks 'Memory Lane'Kasey Hagens 'Reflections of Peace'Kasey Hagens 'Twin Lakes'Kasey Hagens 'Wings of Hope'Ken Cotlar '9405'Kira Hovanec 'Collared Bananas'Kira Hovanec 'More Than Just a Statistic'Lance Marks 'Iceland'Lori Perrine - Miglioretti 'Cupid Forgotten'Marianne Krizner 'The Great Amen'Mark Eash 'Church in Fog'Mary Wiley-Lewis 'Retired'Sandra Grech 'Aftermath of War'Saundra Gramling 'Shattered Heart'Sherrill Begres 'Longwood Orchid'
Apologies in advance to the artists whose works under glass have the glares detracting from the artwork. Mouse-over thumbnail for artist information, click for larger view.
Jean O'Malley
Rich Newill
Allied Artists of Johnstown lost two beloved members during the past year. Their work is displayed as a testament to the impact they left behind .
Recognition of artists awarded for their efforts at the opening reception on September 6th.
Friends of Art for 2014 was Church of Brethren Home of Windber. AAJ President Kathy Kase Burk is shown with COB home Finance Director Donna Locher in front of the chosen work.SAMA director Gary Moyer, AAJ President Kathy Kase Burk, and VP Chris Tower Viewing the showIt was a well attended showWatching from the sidelinesDuring the awards presentation
Scenes from the Artists Opening
AWARD WINNERS from the 82nd Annual Fall Show
left to right: Kathleen Kase Burk, Jim Richey, Brian Dumm, Andrew Thomas, Sherrill Begres, Kira Hovanec, Lori Perrine-Miglioretti, Joy Fairbanks, Mark Eash, Lance Marks, Ann Dougherty, and Ken Cotlar              missing: Mary Wiley Lewis