Johnstown art by Ralph Clemenson
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Exhibiting at the Community Art Center, Westmont , from June 2 to June 30, 2012

The juror for the event was Melissa Kuntz, Associate Professor of Art at Clarion University
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Snapshots from the artists opening reception, which was held on Friday, June 8th at CACCC.
Works from our 2012 Scholarship recipients were also included in this exhibition.
Annette Ballow & friends.
Celeste & Catherine Kososki.
Joy Fairbanks & husband
Chair Martha Nelson, President Diane Safko & Alan Rauch
Sandie Grech & husband
Alan Lichtenfels & wife
Scholarship Recipients & Parents
Joy, Martha & Diane
Chris Meyers, Martha & Diane
Diane & scholarship recipient Jared David Adams
Diane & scholarship recipient Molly Jane Zindish
Lora Marsh & friends
Scholarship Recipients corner
Beach Bums	Christine Meyers	Colored Pencil		NFSPeekaboo	Annette Ballow		Acrylic	$350Backyards #2	Marianne Krizner	Oil	$75438-BD-12	Ken Cotlar		Acrylic & Oil on Board	$850Wacky Wabbit	Alan Lichtenfels	Metal	$150Untitled	Sam Howard		Oil	$650Three Chimneys	Helen Thorne	Collage	$250Maestro	Duane Webb		Oil	$480The Old Tree	Helen Thorne		Pastel	$800Tortoise Training	Alan Lichtenfels	Metal	$300Jazz	Alan Rauch	Acrylic	$800Wild Flower	Sandra Grech		Acrylic	$200Blooming	Sandra Grech		Acrylic	$100Righteousness	Donna Holdsworth	Acrylic/Mixed			$250Randy’s Teapot	Dan Helsel		Oil/Panel	$650Flowers in White VaseMartha K. Nelson	Acrylic	$250Unborn Child	Ann Dougherty	Oil	$300Two in a Row	Lida Hood		Oil Pastel & Watercolor	$150Weeping Willow Tree	Donna Holdsworth	Acrylic/Mixed			$175Nevermore	Donna Holdsworth   Acrylic/Mixed/Collage	$175Teacup with Fruit	Dan Helsel	Oil/Panel	$525Flower Two	Martha K. Nelson	Acrylic	$125Swamp	Lora Marsh	Oil	$575Flower One	Martha K. Nelson	Acrylic	$125Sunlit Path	Lora Marsh		Oil	$500Backyards #1	Marianne Krizner	Oil	$75#439-BD-12	Ken Cotlar		Acrylic & Oil on Board	$850Sun Down	Lora Marsh		Acrylic	NFSWindowsill	Alan Rauch		Acrylic	$650Reflections	Alan Rauch		Acrylic	$1,500One’s Vantage Point	Ed Burda	HC Print	$175Kept Secrets	Ed Burda		Monoprint	$175Blue Straw	Cindy Mullen		Recycled Glass on Window	$150Chapstick	Bob Hovanec		Cardboard & Vinyl	$80Bottles	Cindy Mullen		Recycled Glass on Window	$500Looking Up	Jim Richey		Digital Photography	$250Brushville	Bob Hovanec		Reverse Painted Glass	NFSGoenner’s Beer	Bob Hovanec	Glass & Wood			$275The Hoppers	Alan Lichtenfels	Metal	NFSO Christmas Tree	Christine Meyers	Colored Pencil			$400Peonies	Nadine Toth		Watercolor	$2,400Innocence	Nadine Toth		Watercolor	NFSMountain Tops #1	Nadine Toth	Mixed Media	$350Stumpart	Bill Dembowski		Photography	$150Add One Egg	Bill Dembowski	Photography			$150Algae Bloom	Frank Honkus		Digital Photography	$125Power to the People	Frank Honkus	Digital Photography		$125Downing Park	Frank Honkus		Digital Photography	$125Tribute to the Past	Joy Fairbanks	Digital Photography	$275Sliding Rock	Bill Dembowski		Photography	$150Backyard Beauties	Diane Safko	Digital Photography		$175Forty-Six and Red Hot!	Diane Safko	Digital Photography	$150Shrubs and Shed	R.T. Wertz	Digital Photography		$150“Printed” Poppy	Lida Hood		Mixed Media	$150Artifact #3	Lisa Mull		Jewelry	$175Vintage Wedding	Lisa Mull		Jewelry	$100Pearl Cuff	Lisa Mull		Jewelry	$350
Image Not Available for these additional works:

Darlene Custer – The Feel of Warmth & The Wildcat
Joy Fairbanks – Jelly Fish
Sandra Grech - Sunset
Helen Thorne – Red Posie