Allied Artists of Johnstown  Annual Show 2012
Johnstown art by Ralph Clemenson
Exhibiting at Ameriserv Bank
Franklin Street, Johnstown
April 5, 2014 - May 3, 2014


The 2014 Allied Artists of Johnstown is made up of impressive art work by dedicated artists. It is a difficult process to go through and say this is better than that, and often not true but more a matter of one individual's judgment. I applaud the artists in this exhibit and the artwork submitted, and encourage the viewer to support your local artists. The vitality of a community is revealed in this type of work and our response to it. When looking at works of art it is important to realize that the language of art is 'metaphor'. The subject matter speaks to the viewer. The composition and materials used to carry a message as well. These elements combined create a work of art.

Charles Gibbons, Juror, Spring Show 2014
Apologies in advance to the artists whose works under glass have the glares detracting from the artwork. Mouse-over thumbnail for artist information, click for larger view.
#460 PX 14 by Ken CotlarA Kiss by Alan RauchAsteroids by Christopher TowerAmeriserv Open Media Award

Autumn Day by Helen ThorneHONORABLE MENTION

Baby Dragonfly by Kasey HagensAmeriserv Mixed Media Award

Beloved by Diane M. SafkoBeyond the Horizon by Ann DoughertyBlack Bottle by Bill DembowskiBlue Moon Birch Trees by Lora MarshChair with Wheel by Norman EdHONORABLE MENTION


Estes Park, Co. by Colleen SchellhammerExaggerated Flowers by Helen ThorneFanciful Flora by Diane M. SafkoFloatwigs by Bill DembowskiAmeriserv Acrylic Award

Flurries and Sunshine by Clifford KeppleAmeriserv Watercolor Award
Forever Rose by Judith LansberryGenesis by Joy FairbanksGhost Town Trail by Kasey HagensIce on the Creek by Lance MarksKira by Rita ClarkHONORABLE MENTION

Koffee by Saundra GramlingAmeriserv Photography Award

Le Tarrazze by Joy FairbanksMadonna by Alex PolicicchioOcean Sundown by Alvin JustClaire Scaletta Memorial Award

One Motley Crew of Strippers by Larry MalloryPositive Thoughts by Marianne KriznerRed Tailed Turtle by Alan LichtenfelsShip of the Alleghenies by Paul RizakSolar Eclipse by Richard HowerSpring Arrival by Diane M. SafkoAmeriserv Open Media Award

Sticks and Stones by Kathleen Kase BurkStormy Sunset by Ben PolicicchioSummer Spledor by Colleen SchellhammerAmeriserv Oil Award

The Art Student by Alan RauchThe Garden is back at...6am by Larry MalloryThe Geometry of Innocence by Ann DoughertyThe Oah LA LA Lady of Jackson Square by Annette BallowThree Amigos by Christopher TowerHONORABLE MENTION

Through the Bars by Megan OceanriderUnder the Sea by Sandra GrechUnderwater Flowers by Helen ThorneWings as Eagles by Lance Marks
Scenes from the artists opening reception
Award Recipients Diane Safko, Helen Thorne, Joy Fairbanks, Larry Mallory, Judi Lansberry, Cliff Kepple, Kathy Burk & Alan Rauch
Honorable Mention Recipients Saundra Gramling & Ken Cotlar. Missing are Megan Oceanrider, Colleen Schellhammer & Kasey Hagens
Co-Chairs Diane Safko & Ben Policicchio