Johnstown art by Ralph Clemenson
Exhibiting at Community Arts Center
of Cambria County
June 4 - July 2, 2016

Apologies in advance to the artists whose works under glass have the glares detracting from the artwork. Mouse-over thumbnail for artist information, click for larger view.
Scenes from the artists opening reception on June 10th.

It was a wonderful gathering of friends and family. Awards were presented to:

AAJ Gold Award - Ned Wert 'Sanibel Cartwheels'
AAJ Silver Award -- Joe Berezansky 'Farewell Performance'
AAJ Bronze Award - Alan Rauch 'Inclined'
Albert and Mollie Safko Memorial Award - Joy Fairbanks 'Orange Coke'
Adelene Schrock Memorial Award - Jeanne Wagle 'Sunflower on Blue'
Ken Cotlar Award - Larry Mallory 'Old 1250 Lima'

Honorable Mention recipients:
Gary Lehman - 'Amazonia'
Joe Berezansky - 'Autumn Winds'
Juror's Statement - ' I'm always amazed when I see exhibitions in our region. The talent that lives here is remarkable. It rivals anywhere else. The diversity of the media and subject matter is also, always impressive. When I jury an exhibition, my favorites are the pieces that are attractive from both far away, and, up close. Critical to me are good composition and design. The overall impact is always important. The intricate details, up close, can push the piece to the next level. It's always a challenge for me as a person, to say that one creation is better than another. When we, as artists, put our heart and soul into creating something from nothing, and then subject ourselves to the whims of another person's eyes, that takes alot of courage. As a person and fellow artist, I think that every piece in this exhibition is amazing.
I applaud all of you. I thank you for the honor of being a part of your exhibition.'                 
Scott Steberger, a 1989 graduate of Penn State University and fellow artist exhibiting extensively in Western Pennsylvania
Our 2016 Scholarship Recipients also took part in the show. Monica Lough and Noah Simpson are standing next to their respective works.

Monica Lough of Westmont HS
Noah Simpson of Forest Hills HS
Anthony Moran of Richland HS
Reiko Gresko of Richland HS
Jade Regan of Central Cambria HS

Alan Rauch - Inclined - acrylic - AAJ Bronze awardAnn Dougherty - Emergence - oilAnn Dougerty - Hope - oilAnnette Ballow - Foggy Mountain Hillside - acrylicBennett Vaughn - Oak Flowers - photographyBetty Cernansky - Country Roads - oilBetty Cernansky - St Marys, Cambria City - oilBetty Cernansky - Albuquerque Adobe - oilDuane Webb - Break Time - oilEd Kale - Corvatec, Switzerland - watercolorEd Kale - Mountain and Lake - watercolorEd Kale - Spring Green Woods - watercolorGary Lehman - Amazonia - Raku Clay - Honorable MentionGary Lehman - Foreign Territory -  Raku ClayJeanne Wagle - Princess Peony - watercolorJeanne Wagle - Remembrance - watercolorJeanne Wagle - Sunflowers on Blue  - watercolor - Adelene Schrock Memorial Watercolor AwardJoe Berezansky - Autumn Winds - acrylic -  Honorable MentionJoe Berezansky - Farewell Performance - acrylic - AAJ Silver AwardJoy Fairbanks -Bottom of the Drawer - collage Ned Wert - Sanibel Cartwheels - acrylic -  AAJ Gold awardJoy Fairbanks - Orange Coke - digital photo-  Albert and Molly Safko Memorial  AwardJoy Fairbanks - The View - digital photoJudith Lansberry - Impulse - oilJudith Lansberry - Red Rose - Waatercolor on used teabagKay Kale - Fantasy Forest - watercolorLarry Mallory - Old 1250 Lima - colored pencil -  Ken Cotlar awardLarry Mallory - Rock Center - photographyLida Hood - Apples to Apples- mixed media and watercolorLida Hood - Lighthouse - acrylic paint skinsLida Hood - Wildflowers- mixed media and acrylicLynn Musilin -  L is for Lemon - oilRichard Hudimac - Wilderness Stream - watercolorMarianne Krizner - Modified - oilRichard Hudimac - Winter Creek - watercolorRichard Hudimac - Winter Reflection - watercolorRobert Wertz - Bay in Oregon Coast - photographySandy Grech - Glory - encuasticSaundra Gramling - Sweetness and Light - watercolorSusan Jury - Peace - oilSusan Jury - Patience - oilTira Thompson - Changes - photographyTira Thompson - Feeder at the Feeder - photographyTira Thompson - Mine - photographyTracy Bradford  - Bouquet of Promises-  acrylicTracy Bradford - Bouquet of Wishes- acrylicTracy Bradford  - Winter Shelter -  acrylicSusan Jury - Power - oil
Noah Simpson - 28 degress - photographyNoah Simpson - Fashion - photographyMonica Lough - FacesMonica Lough - Free the Empath
Works by our 2016 Scholarship Winners
Anthony Moran - The King and IAnthony Moran - Dinner with Paul