Allied Artists of Johnstown  Annual Show 2012
Johnstown art by Ralph Clemenson
Exhibiting at Ameriserv Bank
Franklin Street, Johnstown
January 21 - March 1, 2014

The very idea of an artists group show in January is to demonstrate to w winetr weary public that the art spirit and the energy of a region's artists is ever present. This is always something to be valued, supported, and respected.

Artists work is the isolation of their studios (not on stage) so when they decide to venture out to share the results of this engagement, we recognize the opportunity and attend the exhibition. It is for us to see how they are responding to life within our shared regional culture. What motivates them? What subjects are important here? What materials are used in the search for images? We should take their energy and respond in kind as we do in concerts and performances.

Jurying an exhibition such as this is no easy task as much rides on the given philosophy of the juror. For this judge, group shows, given their wide diversity of subject and technique, should be assessed on a foundation of quality within the genre and technique. Everything shoud pivot on the point of high quality in idea and technique in order to inspire the viewer. In addition, the works selected should reinforce a traditional aesthetic but always consider what is evolving and what is new. Tradition and change. I personally feel the 33 selected works reflects well this range. Each represents the pursuit of an idea from its conception through a professional final presentation. It is also important to note that such a show should endeavor to contribute to the regional identity. Here in Johnstown, we see artists reinforcing traditions and expanding into new territory united by commitment and quality.

The Johnstown community should be proud of these artists and certainly, the arts organizations that meet to organize exhibitions, fund raise to realize projects, and promote them to the public so that the culture of the region does not stagnate.

Chuck Olsen, Juror, Winter Show 2014
Apologies in advance to the artists whose works under glass have the glares detracting from the artwork. Mouse-over thumbnail for artist information, click for larger view.
Cotlar, Kenneth  -#459-PX-13Dembowski, Bill   'Euclid's House'Dembowski, Bill    'Flat Rocks'Dougherty, Ann   'Thunder on the Mountain'Eash, Mark 'Onion 1'Eash, Mark 'Onion 2'Eash, Mark 'What Lies Beyond'Ed, Norman 'Casting'Ron Corl Award

Ed, Norman   'Wall Box with Large Plumb'Ed, Norman 'Work Wheel'RE/MAX Team Realtors Award

Hirt, Brandon 'Fair Lights'Hirt, Brandon 'Tree Swing'Hovanec, Kira 'Separation Domination'Janet & William Toth Award

Marsh, Lora  '1954 Ford Truck'HONORABLE MENTION

Mull, Lisa 'Crackle Agate Fringe'Mull, Lisa 'Desert Pathways'Musulin, Lynn 'A Work of Love'Edward & Kay Kale Award

Perrine-Miglioretti, Lori 'A Night with Larry and Zeke's'Perrine-Miglioretti, Lori 'Truffles with Vermeer'Policicchio, Ben 'Marsh Sunset'Policicchio, Ben 'Spring Awakening'Rauch, Alan 'Portrait of a Man'HONORABLE MENTION

Rauch, Alan 'Portrait of a Woman'Thompson, Carolyn T. 'Ephemeral Corsage'HONORABLE MENTION

Thompson, Carolyn T. 'Polar Vortex Fairy Dance'HONORABLE MENTION

Tower, Christopher 'Exodus'
Williams, Diana 'Doing Her Job'Donna Housel Award

Williams, Diana 'Plimoth Wife'
No Image available

Ned Wert AwardKathleen Kase Burk"Optimum"

Patricia Bartis AwardBill Dembowski"Low Horizon"