Johnstown art by Ralph Clemenson
Exhibiting at AmeriServ Bank
February 1 - 27, 2016

Apologies in advance to the artists whose works under glass have the glares detracting from the artwork. Mouse-over thumbnail for artist information, click for larger view.
Scenes from the artists opening reception on Feb 5th.

It was a wonderful gathering of friends and family. Awards were presented to:

- Diana Williams
- Larry Mallory
- Kathleen Kase Burk
- Mary Wiley Lewis
- Kenneth Cotlar
- Jaime Helbig
- Colleen Schellhammer
Colleen Schellhammer accepted her award
A special night for the artiistsJaime Helbig receiving her awardKen Cotlar receiving his awardKen graciously presented his financial award back to the treasury to be used for a future show awardLora Marsh, our Facebook page administrator, is receiving her award
Alan Rauch -"Chittlin' Cookin' Mama" - acrylicBetty Cernansky - 'Childhood Memories' - oilDebra Vought - "Watchful Eye" - acrylicDiana Williams - 'And so it begins -  the artist'  BEST OF SHOW award - oilDiana Williams  -'Sarah' - oilHelen Thorne - 'Happy Hollyhocks' - watercolorJaime Helbig - 'Tourist' - oilKathleen Kase Burk - 'String Theory Three' - received the Edwin and Rosemary Pawlowski Award - pencilKen Cotlar - '488 CV' - received tthe Katie Respet Award - acrylicCliff Kepple - 'High Meadow Struttin' - acrylicKim Williams - 'SDZ Zebra' - acrylicLance Marks - 'Ellionna' - oilLance Marks - 'On your Fingertips' - photoLarry Mallory - ' Hookroller Included '  -  Ned Wert Award - watercolorLora Marsh - 'Street Cars' - oilSandy Grech - 'Extra Terrestial' - EncausicMary Wiley Lewis - 'Ice Storm Effects' - received the Ken Cotlar Award - pastel
'The show selections offer a range of styles and subjects, with the stronger works offering a consistent vision combined with a uniformity of technical deleivery. Some works are engaging, but lack this strong union; most presenting a solid first impression, but then becoming somewhat muddled in how the composition is deciphered. Understandable scenes are the order of the day, from photo realismto only a few abstract images, and only one drawing. It is a strong and likable show.
                                                   - Steve Loar, Co Director - Wood Center, Indiana University of Pennsylvania