Johnstown art by Ralph Clemenson
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Exhibiting at Community Arts Center
of Cambria County
July 5 - Aug 27, 2022

Apologies in advance to the artists whose works under glass have the glares detracting from the artwork. Click for larger view.
Juror Statement
I vividly remember a moment in graduate school when a student had a question for an eminent professor, a connoisseur of early Italian Renaissance art. How could Professor Eisenberg recognize whether a work of art was good or not? After a very short pause, and without a word, he put his hand between his heart and his gut. It was a moving demonstration because most art historians, curators, dealers, and artists “just know” if something is good. There are criteria, but ultimately, we rely on years of looking and understanding. While this frustrates those who want logic and a rationale, it is, I believe, the truth. An example that proves this “truth,” is what happens when a group of people jury an art exhibition together. Whether coming from a specific arena—say, for example, lovers of minimalism or figuration—or disparate backgrounds such as a potter, a scholar of Impressionism, and a journalist required to produce a review quickly, the groups I have experienced have concurred on the vast majority of pieces. It is a reassuring practice.

I always keep this in mind when jurying a show or choosing prizewinners. I acknowledge that I have biases and specific interests, but I also believe that I can set them aside when judging the quality of a work. In this particular case, I was disappointed by the number of works, wishing for a larger pool for selection and for a better sense of the members and their work. But I found that each and every work exhibited quality in some aspect, whether it be formal, technical, or conceptual. From the fine detail of realism to the brush work of abstraction, from the manipulation of photographs to the hint of a summer’s day on a beach, from the elements and materials added to a collage, each work deserved recognition. I realized, once again, how art can move and affect visitors, how it matters, and how it brings so much to viewers, including myself. I am always grateful to see new art because it enhances my understanding of what makes art such an important and necessary part of our lives. 

Vicky A Clark, PhD
Curator, Writer, and Teacher, Contemporary Art and Ideas
Pittsburgh, PA

Eight Award Recipients were named:

​Mike Burk in memory of Kathy Burk Award presented to:
Larry Mallory- 'Antique Vise'

Anonymous in memory of Kathy Burk Award presented to:  
Diana Williams - 'Sophie in Blue'

Jeanne Gleason Award presented to:
Alan Rauch - 'Raining on Main Street'

Bennett Vaughn/Ed Kale Award presented to:
Jaime Helbig - 'Corner at Atlantic and Atlanta'

Anonymous Award presented to:
Donald Patcher - 'Exotic Fractal Plants'

Judith Lansberry Award presented to:
Bryan Smith - 'Fjord Boat House'

Anna Antemann Award presented to:
Patrice Henkel - 'In the Flow'

Suzette Colvin REMAX Award presented to:
Bill Dembowski - 'Vase Illusion'
Alan Rauch 'Raining on Main Street' acrylic - Jeanne Gleason AWARD
Alan Rauch 'War and Peace' acrylic

The painting is a commentary on the Ukraine refugee exodus and it’s hope for a peaceful outcome to the war.

 I chose to use the style of Marc Chagall because his homeland is Belaruse, bordering Ukraine,
and his spiritual connection to the people of the region.
Bryan Smith 'Fjord Boat House' photography
- Judith Lansberry AWARD
Bill Dembowski 'Snowonder' - photography
Bill Dembowski ' Vase Illusion' photography - Suzette Colvin REMAX AWARD
Bryan Smith 'The Gondolier'
Patrice Henkel 'In The Flow' acrylic on wood panel - Anna Antemann AWARD
Alan Lichtenfels 'Baby Pterodactyl' metal
Alan Lichtenfels 'White Tailed Toucan' metal
Ann Dougherty 'Beyond Nothingness' ink and watercolor
Ann Dougherty 'Improvision 10' ink and watercolor
Bonnie Friedline 'Flight and Emergence' Oil and mixed media on canvas
Bonnie Friedline 'Lightning and Lips' Oil and mixed media on canvas
David Kasuba 'Sunflower Fields Forever' photography
Diana Williams 'Sophie in Blue' oil on linen - mem of Kathy Burk AWARD
Donald Patcher 'Beauty of a Fractal Tree' digital 3D fractal art
Donald Patcher 'Exotic Fractal Plants' digital 3D fractal art - Anonymous AWARD
Duane Webb 'Kiley' oil on canvas
Gary Lehman 'Potted Daffodils' oil on canvas
Gary Lehman 'Wilfred the Seer' oil on canvas
Jaime Helbig 'Corner at Atlantic and Atlanta' oil on canvas - Bennett Vaughn_Ed Kale AWARD
Jaime Helbig 'Pedal Car Morning' oil on canvas - Bennett Vaughn_Ed Kale AWARD
Janice Sandak 'Soda and Fries, Please' watercolor and airbrush
Judith Crookston 'Steampup' photograph on canvas
Judith Crookston 'Three Brothers' photograph
Ken Cotlar acrylic on canvas
Ken Cotlar '338' acrylic on canvas
Kim Williams 'Death and Taxes' acrylic_mixed media on canvas
Kim Williams 'Not on the Menu' acrylic on canvas
Larry R Mallory 'Antique Vise' watercolor on paper -  mem of Kathy Burk AWARD
Lida Hood 'Dance of the Dragonfly' mixed media
Lida Hood 'Ode to Susan' (Novak), who left us too soon encaustic
Lydia Mack 'Butterfly Bonanza' watercolor on paper
Lydia Mack 'Orchidstrated' watercolor on paper
Lynn Musulin 'July Celebration' oil on linen
Margaret Black '60 Degree Maneuver Indigo Shibori 3'  surface design dyed in indigo vat
Margaret Black 'Line Study 25' freeform cut and pieced fabric
Marianne Krizner 'I Think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree' graphite on paper
Marianne Krizner 'A Walk in the Park' oil
Patrice Henkel 'Breath Filled with Blossoms' acrylic on wood panel
Patrice Henkel 'In the Flow' acrylic on wood panel  - Anna Antemann AWARD
Saundra Gramling 'Self Portrait in Complimentary Colors' watercolor
Theresa Walters 'Date on the Lake' soft pastel
Theresa Walters 'Trostle Town Bridge' soft pastel
Zone Patcher 'Inhaling the Multiverses' digital fractal
Zone Patcher 'Vision and Idea, Perception or Purpose, Structure n Creation' digital fractal
Alan Rauch
Award Winners - left to right - Patrice Henkel, Bryan Smith, Donald Patcher, Diana Williams, Larry Mallory, Alan Rauch.    (not present) Jaime Helbig, Bill Dembowski
Bryan Smith receives his award from Ken Cotlar. Bennett Vaughn in background.
Diana Williams gives the group insight into her art journey.
Donald Patcher receives his award from Ken Cotlar
Judith Crookston tells about her journey in the art world.
Lora Marsh, Ken Cotlar, Pam Cotlar
artists reception and awards presentations
opening reception
Ken Cotlar, AAJ President
Patrice Henkel receives her award from Ken Cotlar
opening reception
Artists Opening Reception July 8, 2022 at the Community Arts Center