painting by Ralph Clemenson
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The Old Photo Album
Allied Artists of Johnstown - the early years
The following photos were discovered in the collections of Harriet Goff, who passed away on April 15, 2010, just 4 days after celebrating her 102nd birthday and were received by Marianne Krizner (AAJ president 2002 - 2005).

If you recognize any of the faces or paintings in these photos, please post the information in our Artists Blog.

Their faces have been enlarged at the bottom of the page for your convenience..

We are estimating that these photos were taken sometime in the 1930's - 1940's based on the dress of the era.

There was no date found on the photographs... the name of the photographer Bob Banks was stamped on the reverse side of this photo.
Portrait paintersPainting was their main focus. The fellowship wasn't bad either.Everyone was thoroughly involved in their work.
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The Old Photo Album
GJH Art Teachers past and present
In 2013, the Greater Johnstown art teachers met for a retirement dinner.  AAJ 's current recording secretary Annette Ballow is sitting on the right side, second from the back. AAJ long-time member Georgia Akers is also sitting on the right, second from the front.