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Johnstown art by Ralph Clemenson
ALLIED ARTISTS OF JOHNSTOWN -SUMMER SHOW 2009 held at the Community Arts Center
May 4 - May 27
Joseph Berezansky    "Untitled"		Acrylic		$1,800.00 
JUROR's AWARD      (Audience participation will give this painting a name)Penny Neimiller	"Even the Trees will Praise"      Oil    $645.00  Florence Doyka	"Winter"			Watercolor	     $175.00 Raymond Rafferty    "Formations"		Digital Art		$125.00Christine Meyers     "Say AHHH!"      Colored Pencil	NFSBob Hovanec	"To Trains"		Lettering enamels on steel			NFS Daniel Helsel      "Coffee Break"	Oil on Linen/Board	$800.00 
SLOVENIAN SAVINGS AND LOAN AWARD Jim Richey	"Casa Luna"			Photography		$150.00Helen Thorne   "Washing Clothes"	Watercolor		$385.00Bill Dembowski     "Silver Leaves"		Photography		$250.00Robin Strachan	"Kayaking"					Pastel			$475.00Mike Begenyi       "Butterfly"	     Acrylic	$500.00 
HONORABLE MENTIONRobert Wertz  "Cranberry Reflection"     Photography $250.00Lisa Mull	"Dogwoods"				Pastel Mix	$250.00Sam Howard	"Delirium"				Oil			NFSCecelia Hersh   "Sunset on Finger Lake"	Digital Photography	$100.00Joy Fairbanks	"Showtime"		Collage		$125.00Penny Neimiller	"Untitled"			Pastel		$550.00 Florence Doyka	"Spring"			Watercolor	$125.00
THWING WATERCOLOR AWARD in memory of AAJ member Adelene ShrockRobin Strachan "Irish Cottage #13"	Pastel	$175.00Bill Dembowski    "Bark Art #23"		Photography	$250.00Jim Richey	"La Puerta de Oficina"  Photography   $150.00Duane Webb	"Wind Instruments"	Oil       $375.00Robin Strachan      "River's End"				Pastel  		$375.00Joy Fairbanks	"Beach Walk"	Photography C- Print       $350.00 Cecelia Hersh	"Jungle Love"	Digital Photography	$125.00Helen Thorne	"Corn Fields"				Oil			NFS
EDWIN AND ROSEMARY PAWLOWSKI AWARDLida Hood	"Popping Poppy"		Photography	$150.00Gary McClemens   "Eyers Place"	Acrylic		NFSJoy Fairbanks     "Ripple Effect"	Photography C- Print      $135.00Lida Hood	"Blue Door-Red Tulips"    Photography     $150.00 Bob Hovanec	"Babe"	Automotive paint on Aluminum		$135.79Helen Thorne	"Set Up #1"				Oil			$400.00Raymond Rafferty	"Tradional Country"	Mixed Media on canvas	$125 Raymond Rafferty	"Geraniums"	Mixed Media on canvas	$125.00Bill Dembowski	"Daddy LL"		Photography	$250.00Lida Hood	"Sunflowers From My Garden"	Watercolor		NFSMarianne S. Krizner	"Lady's View of MacGillycuddy Reeks, Ireland"	Oil	$300.00Christine Meyers	"Like Father-Like Son"	Colored Pencil	$400.00Kelly Mulcahy-Bean	"Over the Mountain"	Quilt       NFSKeith Meyers	"Fallen"					Pottery		$125.00Georgia Akers       "Sunny"	  Paint on Muslin       NFS
HONORABLE MENTIONBob Hovanec	"From the Heart"	Reverse painted, glue chipped glass	$246.80Christine Meyers	"Who Needs Toys"	Colored Pencil			$500.00Daniel Helsel	"Natures Bouquet"	Oil on Linen/Board		$400.00Penny Neimiller       "Have a Bite"		Pastel		$320.00 
HONORABLE MENTION Mike Begenyi	"Fish"				Acrylic		$500.00 Keith Meyers	"Teapot 1"				Pottery		$100.00 
DR. AND MRS. CHARLES GRIFFITH AWARDKeith Meyers	"Teapot 2"				Pottery		$100.00Lisa Mull	"Pearl Mixer"						Jewelry	$80.00Lisa Mull	"Mermaid's Treasure"	Jewelry   $160.00
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Photos from the Artists Reception will be posted at the bottom following May 8th.
The artists opening reception was held on May 8th at the Community Arts Center. These are photos taken from that event. Hold your mouse over the photos to stop the scrolling.