Tribute to the Fallen 28th MPs
Still Life - Oil Lantern and tea cup 2016
The Buffalo Soldier
Bow Instruments
Semper Fi
Kim and Carmen - private collector - 2013
Our Sons Bed and Breakfast - (formerly Knights of Columbus Bldg) Johnstown, PA  - 2014
Nero - 2010 - SOLD
The Farrier (Memorium to Chad) - 2011 - collection of C. Stump
Kami and Jack - 2010 - collection of T. Black
Giving Comfort
Winter on Singer Hill - 2012
Johnstown Symphony with the Maestro - 2012
Johnstown Symphony - second movement 2013
The Maestro - 30 years with JSO - 2014
The Deer Hunters - 2008 - SOLD
Bill's Hunting Cabin - 2003 - collection of B. Douglas
Open Mike Nite at the Johnstown Inn - 2010 - collection of T. Freidhoff
Shirley Temple - collection of A. O'Shea
Daisytown - 2002
Garth and Dawn's home - 2009 -
In His Care - Grandma's painting - NFS
The Cow - 2008
Those Two Clowns -2002
Through Grandma's Eyes - 2002
Shawn and Becky's - 2009
Holiday Inn - 2003
The Homecoming - 2006
Days Gone By... The Ship Hotel along Route 30 - 2007
Kaufmann Homestead - 2010
The Grandkids - 2003
Doe and Fawn - 2013
Commissioned copy of Thomas Kinkaid work - 2015
Caricature painting - B & L Winery, Johnstown, PA
Oil paintings
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Duane Webb
The Farrier - 2011
"The Buffalo Soldier" 18" X 24" oil on linen, 2020 - collection of William Rozier, CSM (retired), US Army 28th Division
Ink and oil pastel on paper

Maestro Istvan Jaray received this painting on his 30th year with the Johnstown Symphony
Maestro Istvan Jaray (r) received this painting in recognition of his 30th year with the Johnstown Symphony
"Tribute to the 28th Military Police" is part of the permanent collection at the Pennsylvania Military Museum in Boalsburg, PA. This painting depicts the men and women of the 28th Military Police Company, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, who gave the ultimate sacrifice while in service to their country. The soldiers memorialized in this work are: (left to right) SPC Kirsten Fike who died on August 8, 2006 from sun stroke in 104 degree desert heat during activation with the U.S. Border Patrol in Yuma, Arizona  ; SFC Dan Lightner, Jr. who was killed on October 27, 2005 during vehicle patrol in Ar Ramadi, Iraq from a roadside bomb ; SSG Keith Bennett who was killed when a vehicle-borne IED detonated while he was conducting inspections at a checkpoint in Ar Ramadi, Iraq on December 11, 2005 ; and on the far right, SFC Bryan Hoover and SFC Robert Fike were together on foot patrol in Zabul Providence, SE Afghanistan on June 11, 2010 when they were approached by a male suicide bomber dressed in a woman’s burqa.