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The Annual Show at UPJ Pasquerilla Center for the Performing Arts SAMA facility is our largest annual event. There is no charge for admission.
Juror statement and bio
A Statement by the Juror -  Vince Ornato

"To say one 'juries' an art show in order to award individual works is a misnomer because it implies 'winners' and 'losers'. There are no losers.  Some pieces, when taken as a whole, are merely stronger than others.  A person who goes from the idea, to its’ articulation (whether done in watercolor, oil, photography and so on), and then blending that with its’ presentation to the world (matting, framing, artist's signature placement et al), should all combine to form a unified design.  This is a lot.  There is more to it than simply an ability to create a work.  When displaying in public, how a piece is presented or 'packaged,' so to speak, now becomes an integral part of the creative process.  This aspect of showing work was a learned process for me in my own progression as a public artist and did not come naturally.  It had its’ own series of issues that I needed to learn about.

"I am pleased to report that because of the consistently fine level of quality among the entrants overall, most of whom are amateurs artists, the "peaks and valleys" in the group were not that far apart.  This made me confident in my belief that the award winners were deserving.  But it also put me in the position of knowing that the next 'tier' of artists whose pieces did not get awards were very close in quality to some of those walking away with ribbons.  That is the tough part.

"Taken as a whole, the allied artists should be proud.  The work represents care, spirit, a solid work ethic and, most importantly, an affection for lively participation in the process of making a piece of art which never existed before.  Bravissimo!"


Vince Ornato has earned a living exclusively from doing various forms of commercial and fine art
work for over 20 years.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh and earning a
B.A. in English Writing and Rhetoric from the University of Pittsburgh, he decided to pursue a childhood dream of being an artist. While supporting himself by doing construction work, he enrolled in the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. During the ensuing years, he earned a living from commercial graphic design work, sign painting, some illustration and thousands of sketch portraits and caricatures. He also took painting workshops with various local artists including Philip Salvato, Jim Sulkowski, Ron Donoughe, John Johns, and Herbert Olds. Most importantly, he studied under
Daniel Greene, N.A., New York, for whom he also
worked as a classroom assistant.

Vince sells his work out of his Avery Street studio,
near Pittsburgh's North Shore, and over the Internet. See Vince’s website at:

Thank you to the many individuals who made this exhibit possible…
Tina Lehman and Diane Safko who serve as my SAMA curator team; our juror, Vince Ornato; the AAJ Board, Janie Leck-Grela, Pam Laney, Sam Howard, Florence Doyka, and Duane Webb for their assistance throughout the jurying drop-offs, receiving, program preparations and processes.                                               Bob Hovanec - Show Chair
Gary McClemens
Being recognized in a special tribute, a work by AAJ member Gary McClemens is displayed.
Title: Buckboard in Winter
Medium: acrylic on Board
Price: $350
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A special thanks to these patrons for their monetary support to the Allied Artists.
WELCOME TO The Online Exhibition at UPJ's Pasquerilla Center Sep 12 - Dec 14, 2008
Gary graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1975 with a degree in graphic art and design. Upon graduation, he returned to Johnstown and ended up working in his father’s saw mill business in Sidman. In 2000, a tree that Gary was sawing split and fell on him.  He was hospitalized for nearly six months with a broken back, wrists, ribs, and severe head injuries. Gary has been confined to a wheelchair since that time. He struggles daily with rehab and hopes to someday walk again.

This did not hamper his love of art. In fact, it revitalized him. Gary became more active in his painting. He works in acrylic oils, and his love for the outdoors is apparent in his mix of landscapes and wildlife paintings.

Gary was recently hospitalized due to a lapse and loss of memory and it has not been determined what may have caused this setback for him. He has been unable to paint for the past several months. We wish him a speedy and complete recovery so that we may enjoy his work once again.

Gary’s work can be seen online by visiting the “Links to Member Sites” page or by clicking here.

L. Robert Kimball & Associates Award
“Invitation to Tango” by Jim Richey

Shirley K. Wagner Award
“Small Town” by Vivian Ohs

Robin Strachan Award
“Truckin’ “ by Scooter Hovanec

Jean O’Malley Award
“Exhale” by Jenae A. Smith

Stephen G. Zamias Award
“Heirlooms and Hybrids” by Carolyn Vaughn

Camille & Dorothy Maravelli Award
“Male Nude” by Janae A. Smith

Bob & Julie Horowitz Award
“Duo Glide” by Bob Hovanec

Somerset Trust Award
“Helen’s Reflection” by Mary Wiley-Lewis

Robert E. Thomas Award
“Dissection” by Mike Begenyi

H.M. Picking (Evelyn J. Picking) Award
“Laundry” by Mark Parrish

Arthur & Henry Hagadus Memorial Award
“Twilight Run” by Walter Kososki

Josephine Paul Memorial Award
“Wing and a Prayer” by Joe Berezansky

Jean Casale.

Jean had been a member of the Allied Artists since 1979.  She was the personnel administrator at PENELEC, and many years ago, when Ralph Clemenson gave a short workshop or demonstration there, Jean's interest in art was born.  She took lessons from Harriett Goff and continued to paint for about 30 years.  She enjoyed landscapes, and had also painted a portrait of her father, the late Joseph Casale. Her favorite medium was oil, but she also worked in watercolor. Jean died in July 2008.
Scenes from the artists reception Friday, September 26th.
"Untitled" by Jean Casale,
Courtesy of Joanne Johnson
Robert E. Thomas Award: Begenyi, Michael - Dissection; Acrylic/Mixed Media on canvas & wood - $1200Cotlar, Ken - 300 cv 08; latex, epoxy resin on canvas - $950Fairbanks, Joy - Formentale Mattina; photography C print - $350Leck-Grela, Janie - Beladonna; graphite and pastel on canvas board - $200Helbig, Jaime - Monarch; acrylic on matte board - $1000Hovanec, Bob - Hometown Dairy; reverse painted, acid etched silver on glass - $525Howard, Sam - Loveless; oil on canvas - Not For SaleLaney, Pam - Playful Red Foxes; digital photography - $175Hovanec, Scooter - Steel There; solvent jet print on canvas from digital - $200Parrish, Mark - Chris Motors Corp: Herbie the Love Bug; Colored pencil, found object on matt board - Not For SaleSafko, Diane - Le Soleil; woodcut monoprint, oil on paper - Not For SaleStrachan, Robin - The Blue Bottle; pastel on sanded board - $550Cotlar, Ken - 304 cv 08; latex, acrylic, epoxy resin on board - $500Welsh, Ralph III - Melon Park #30; oil on canvas - $1800Wertz, R.T. - On Laurel Mountain; digital photography - $250Rafferty, Ray - Nature's Palette; mixed media on canvas - $150Fairbanks, Joy - Windows; photo collage - Not For SaleRafferty, Ray - Unraveling Autumn; mixed media on canvas - $150Josephine Paul Memorial Award winner : Berezansky, Joseph - Wing and a Prayer; acrylic on canvas - Not For SaleStephen G. Zamias Award winner: Vaughn, Carolyn - Heirlooms and Hybrids; pencil/watercolor on paper - $250Bob and Julie Horowitz Award winner: Hovanec, Bob - Duo Glide; watercolor on bristol board - Not For SaleSomerset Trust Award Winner: Wiley-Lewis, Mary - Helen's Reflection; pastel on paper - $675Brougher, Glenn - Homage to the Square; acrylic on matte board - $650Ohs, Vivian - It's All Over; digital photography - $195Cotlar, Ken - 303-cv-08; oil, latex, acrylic on canvas - $1500Mull, Lisa - Shells and Pearls; jewelry necklace/bracelet - $105Mull, Lisa - Sandy Fringe; jewelry necklace/bracelet/earring set - $220Mull, Lisa - Blue Adventurine; jewelry necklace/bracelet - $95Zoerb, Sallie - Image D.M.; film photography - $400
Rafferty, Ray - Rural Colors; mixed media on canvas - $150Howard, Sam - Paradise Lost; oil on canvas - $1234.56Laney, Pam - Brilliant Blossom; digital photography/metallic print - $175Laney, Pam - Winged Wonder; digital photography/metallic print - $175Begenyi, Michael - Crane; Acrylic on canvas - $850Jean O'Malley Award Winner: Smith, Jenae - Exhale; aluminum and poured plastic - $600H.M. Picking (Evelyn J. Picking) Award: Parrish, Mark - Laundry; Colored pencil on paper - $500Richey, Jim - Palouse; digital photography / inkjet print - $150Burda, Edward - Witness: Thursday's Routine; watercolor on paper - $800 Ohs, Vivian - McConnell’s Mill; digital photography - $195
Safko, Diane - Artist Hands; glass monoprint/oil on paper - NFS 
Brougher, Glenn - You’re Accusing Me, Me!; watercolor, acrylic on Canvas - $300
Helsel, Dan - Lemonade; oil on inen Board - $400 Shirley K. Wagner Award: Ohs, Vivian - Small Town; digital photography - $175
Smith, Jenae - Untitled; copperwire / wood / glass - NFS Helsel, Dan - Tracy’s Lilacs; oil on linen - NFS 
Richey, Jim - Haunted; digital photography / inkjet print - $150Krizner, Marianne -  The Last Hurrah; oil on canvas - $450
Wiley-Lewis, Mary - Summer House IV; pastel on paper - $800
Strachan, Robin - Ireland- Ring of Kerry; pastel on sanded board -  $275
Arthur & Henry Hagadus Memorial Award: Kososki, Walter - Twilight Run; watercolor / gouache on paper -
Strachan, Robin - Cross Country Ski Trail; pastel on sanded board - $550
L. Robert Kimball & Associates Award: Richey, Jim - Invitation to Tango; digital photography / inkjet print - $150
Safko, Diane - Portrait de Mystique; glass monoprint/oil on paper - NFS  Kososki, Walter - Barcelona; watercolor on paper -
$1200 Welsh III, Ralph C. -Along the Garrett Short Cut #17; oil  on masonite - NFS 
Zoerb, Sallie - Image B L.; film photography - $400Brougher, Glenn - New Worlds;
watercolor on paper - $350
Camille & Dorothy Maravelli Award: Smith, Jenae - Male Nude; charcoal on paper - $85
Thorne, Helen - The Pond Rock; pastel on paper - $250
Welsh III, Ralph C. - Three of a Kind; pastel on masonite - $1,200
Janie Leck-Grela - Gold Fish; watercolor on bristol board - $200
Dropcho, John - Cascade; oil pastel on paper - $600
Lehman, Gary - Totem;  mixed media on canvas - $1,000
Dropcho, John - Day in April; oil pastel on paper - $600Howard, Sam - Speed Freaks; oil on canvas - $450Robin Strachan Award: Hovanec, Scooter - Truckin’; solvent jet print on paper from digital - $200
Josephine Paul Memorial Award“Wing and a Prayer” by Joe Berezansky
Josephine Paul Memorial Award
“Wing and a Prayer” by Joe Berezansky
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"Untitled" by Jean Casale
Walter Kososki Ken CotlarScooter HovanecDiane SafkoJoe BrezanskyJanie Leck-Grela, AAJ PresidentBob Hovanec, 2008 Annual show chairpersonMary Wiley-Lewis
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