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Fall Exhibit 2023
Bottle Works -  413 Third Avenue  -  Johnstown
October 19 - December 2
Juror Ken Nicholson was born in Latrobe, Pa and is an adjunct instructor at University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Seton Hill University and Westmoreland County Community College. His work has been exhibited in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Ohio, Washington DC, New Jersey and New York. Visit www,kennethnicholson.com
Exhibit Award Winners
Best of Show - $200. Colleen Albright for 'Pit in my Stomach'
Sponsored by Ken Cotlar
1st place - $150. Norman Ed for “Bicycle”
Sponsored by Zone Patcher
2nd place - $150. Logan Marcuzzo for “Fursuit Head”
Sponsored by Donald Patcher
3rd place - $125. Patrise Henkel for “Mirage”
Sponsored by Kay & Ed Kale
4th place - $100. Sarah Gayle Silwones for “Stonycreek”
Sponsored by Dr.Camille Maravalli
5th place - $100. Ann Dougherty for “Summer Days”
Sponsored by Joy Fairbanks
6th place - $100. Matt Lamb for “Windows”
Sponsored by 1st Summit Bank
Honorable mention - $50. Nellie Sepp for “Bug study”
Sponsored by Joy & William Thwing

above (l-r): Sarah Gayle Silwones, Patrise Henkel, Colleen Albright, Ann Dougherty, Matt Lamb, Nellie Sepp. Missing: Norman Ed, Logan Marcuzzo
above: Standing on left is Patrice Henkel (exhibit chairperson) receiving an award for her work 'Mirage' from AAJ President Ken Cotlar (on right) and AAJ VP Duane Webb (center)
Opening reception moments
Juror's Statement

Jurying this year's selection of work was more challenging than I initially expected. Where I typically find it a breeze to choose which work sticks out to me, this time there were so many instances where I found myself standing in the gallery with my clipboard, torn between artworks that showed both tremendous creativity and technical skill.
For as difficult as it was to choose between such an assortment, it was an absolute joy to take in all the expertise on display. I am confident that the chosen work displays not only the talent of the members of the Allied Artists of Johnstown, but also how varied and unique the artistic approaches are within this group.
Alan Lichtenfels 'Broad Beak' metal $450
Alan Lichtenfels 'Frosty' metal $600
Alan Lichtenfels 'Spotted Tail in the Reef' metal NFS
Alan Rauch 'Gun violence - An American epidemic' acrylic on wood $800
Alan Rauch 'Ukrain Searching for bodies in the rubble' acrylic $700
Alan Rauch 'Lemons in a Bowl' acrylic 700
Ann Dougherty 'Spring Eternal' oil $600
Ann Dougherty 'Summer Days' oil $600 - 5th place AWARD
Bailey McDougall - 'Undine Rising' micron pen on paper - NFS
Carol Cecere 'Fall Bounty' oil  $175
Chris Mahla 'Climbing Higher' graphite $175
Christopher Tower 'A Journey of Nobody Ever' acrylic on canvas $600
Colleen Albright 'Inner Demons out to play' Acrylic on canvas $600
Colleen Albright 'Pit in my stomach' paper mache $300
Colleen Albright 'Specimen of the biodome' paper mache $1600
David Greene 'Something Red' spalted maple wood $295
Diana Williams 'Evening with a Friend' oil on linen $3500
Donald Patcher 'The Eye that is Us' 3D Fractal Marvel $123
Duane Webb 'Buttermilk Falls - New Florence  oil on canvas $420
Gillian Hurt 'Palo Alto donut twins' photography $120
Gillian Hurt 'Stogie and a Shoe Shine' photography NFS
J Lance Strickland 'Curious' oil $1800
J Lance Strickland 'Flight over Greenfield Lake' oil $1800
J Lance Strickland 'Life is a walk in the rain' oil $450
Jaime Helbig 'Heirloom' watercolor NFS
Jaime Helbig 'Pokamoke River' watercolor and ink $65
Janice Sandak 'An Afternoon Ride' Colored pencil $600
Janice Sandak 'Not a Fish Tale' oil on linen NFS
Jessica Campbell 'Burn Away with me' encaustic / mixed media $450
Jessica Campbell 'Memories Keep Haunting Me' encaustic NFS
Jessica Campbell 'Waste Away with me' encaustic / mixed media $500
Joe Berezansky 'Heart of the Evening' acrylic NFS
Judy Crookston 'Floral' photography $175
Kathy Fieser 'Mitts' watercolor and cold press $180
Kathy Fieser 'Off to school' prismacolor premier on black paper $85
Kathy Fieser 'Tatanka' prismacolor premier on paper $300
Kenneth Cotlar ' #639 ' acrylic on canvas $1500
Kenneth Cotlar ' #640 ' acrylic on plexiglass $1200
Kenneth Cotlar 'DS #733 Hill City' acrylic on canvas $2000
Kim Williams 'Behold' acrylic and mixed media on canvas $77
Kim Williams 'Fondamenta Murano' acrylic on canvas $1300
Larry Mallory 'The Lantern' watercolor on paper $3800
Linda DelSignore 'The main character' oil NFS
Logan Marcuzzo 'Fursuit Head' micron pen on paper NFS
Lydia Mack 'People of New Guniea -  Old Sing Sing Dancer' oil on canvas $1350
Lydia Mack 'People of New Guniea - Old Warrior' oil on canvas $1800
Marianne Krizner 'Morning Glory' oil NFS
Mary Wiley Lewis 'Aspen and Sage' oil $800
Matt Lamb 'Head Study' graphite on paper $200
Matt Lamb 'Original sin' charcoal on toned paper $400
Matt Lamb 'Windows' charcoal on toned paper $400
Nabbot 'Seeking Light' oil $450
Nabbot 'The offering' pencil $150
Nabbot 'Saana' acrylic $325
Natalka Barvinok 'Doubts' oil on canvas $10,000
Natalka Barvinok 'Untitled #1' oil on canvas $10,000
Natalka Barvinok 'Untitled #2' oil on canvas $8000
Nellie Sepp 'Bug Study' graphite $100
Nellie Sepp 'Fleeting Thoughts' charcoal $200
Nellie Sepp 'self portrait' digital $50
Norman Ed 'all things' sculpture $900
Norman Ed 'cycle' sculpture $1500
Norman Ed 'Still Riding - for Jeff' $2500
Patricia Brant 'Sebastian' pastel on paper NFS
Patrise Henkel 'Come with me' acrylic on canvas $288
Patrise Henkel 'Further On' acrylic on canvas $570
Patrise Henkel 'Mirage' acrylic on canvas $570
Paul Seymour 'Falling Water' oil on panel $650
Paul Seymour 'The Enchanted Tree' oil on panel $575
Paul Seymour 'The Rocky Stream' oil on panel $145
Rebecca Benford 'End of September' pastel $220
Rebecca Benford 'Yellow Iris'  $420
Sarah Gayle Silwones 'Stonycreek' oil on canvas $450
Sarah Gayle Silwones 'Storm on the Dunes' oil on canvas $550
Saundra Gramling 'Sunrise' acrylic NFS
Saundra Zulawinski Schwab 'Inaugural Gown' oil $800
Saundra Zulawinski Schwab 'Farmers Market Flowers' oil $1000
Saundra Zulawinski Schwab 'The House on Tioga Street' oil $600
Steve Ryan 'Callsign Pedro' photography $155
Steve Ryan 'General Longstreet' photography $175
Steve Ryan 'Tristen' digital painting NFS
William Dembowski 'Forest Walkway' photography $400
William Dembowski 'Glassware #6' photography $400
Zone Patcher 'Emerging Development' 3D Digital Fractal $800
Zone Patcher 'Mountain Man Rock Face' Digital Collage $1000
Zone Patcher 'Order to Chaos' 3D Digital Fractal $1300

Apologies in advance to the artists who's works are under glass for any glares imbedded in the images shown
Ann Dougherty - 5th place award recipient
Colleen Albright - Best of Show award recipient
Matt Lamb - 6th place award recipient
Nellie Sepp - Honorable mention recipient
Janice Sandak and Patti Brant
Rebecca Benford and Gillian Hurt with their works displayed behind them