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Allied Artists quarterly newsletter
Allied Artists quarterly newsletter
Allied Artists quarterly newsletter
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Artist Spotlights 
This issue features our newest members- Molly Cover, Martha Nelson, and Nadine Toth
2008 Retrospective Show - This show was totally dedicated to past works of deceased members of the Allied Artists of Johnstown

AAJ Spring Show 2009     show online

AAJ Summer Show 2009    show online

AAJ Fall Show 2009     show online

Goff Exhibit 2009        show online

Young Artists 2009     article/photos

AAJ Winter Show 2010       show online

AAJ Spring Show 2010       show online

AAJ Summer Show 2010       show online

AAJ Fall Show 2010       show online

2010 SCHOLARSHIP Recipients

Haley Schott - $1100

Tiffany Parsons - $500

Alexandra Mundy - $500

Amanda Schultz - $400

Sara Oldham - $350

Sara Mihelic - $175
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Winter 2010 newsletter    page one       page two
 2009 Scholarship Recipients
Olivia Locher  -  $1,000 Johnstown 

Briana Sidari  -  $600 Somerset  

Dylan Staib  -  $500 Johnstown 

Alexander Policicchio  -  $400 Johnstown 

DaniRae Block  -  $300 Johnstown 

Lindsey Stock  -  $200 Ebensburg  
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Annual Show 2008   online show
Summer 2010 newsletter    page one       page two
Our thanks to all who contributed to this year's Patron drive. The total was over $5200.
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AAJ Winter Show 2011       show online

AAJ Spring Show 2011      show online
AAJ Summer Show 2011   show online 

AAJ Fall Show 2011       show online
Winter 2011 newsletter    view
Spring 2011 newsletter    view
Summer 2011 newsletter    view
Fall 2011 newsletter  view
2011 SCHOLARSHIP Recipients

Haley Helsel       $600                 GJH

Kaitlyn Stewart    $530    Central Cambria

Michelle Mazur     $500        Richland

Annabeth Rodgers Faucher   $225  WHS
Marley Romano    $200          Windber

Amanda Brehm     $200   Central Cambria
 Lakin Weakland   $200      Bishop Carroll
2012 SCHOLARSHIP Recipients

Max FedoreRichland$900

Avery WoodBishop McCort  $525

Molly Jane Zindash Bishop McCort $500

Alissa HoltSomerset $500

Abigail Yesenko         Forest Hills $325

Jared David Adams Forest Hills    $280

Pauline Johncola   Bishop McCort  $250

AAJ Winter Show 2012       show online

AAJ Spring Show 2012      show online
AAJ Summer Show 2012   show online 

AAJ Fall Show 2012       show online
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Spring 2012 newsletter    view
Summer 2012 newsletter    view
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AAJ Winter Show 2013       show online

AAJ Spring Show 2013      show online
AAJ Summer Show 2013   show online 

AAJ Fall Show 2013       show online
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Spring 2013 newsletter    view
Summer 2013 newsletter    view
Fall 2013 newsletter  view
2013 SCHOLARSHIP Recipients

On Saturday, May 11, Scholarship juror Phil Brulia selected the following area students as recipients of the 2013 AAJ Scholarships:

Brenden Lovejoy, $750, Ferndale, attending Edinboro, majoring in Graphic Design/Fine Arts

Christine Sopata, $750, Cambria Heights, attending Delaware College of Art & Design, majoring in Fine Arts

Jena Wilson, $500, Forest Hills, attending Seton Hill, majoring in Art Therapy

Kristy Weber, $500, Central Cambria, attending Oakbridge Academy of Arts, majoring in Photography

Melissa Walko, $450, Westmont, attending Moravan College, 
majoring in Studio Art

Elizabeth Compton, $275, Richland, attending Arcadia University, 
majoring in Studio Art

AAJ Winter Show 2014      show online

AAJ Spring Show 2014      show online
AAJ Summer Show 2014   show online 

AAJ Fall Show 2014       show online
2014 SCHOLARSHIP Recipients

Scholarship juror John Varmecky selected the following area students as recipients of the 2014 AAJ Scholarships:

Erika Law  $800    Windber Area  
Studying Art Therapy at Marywood Univ.

Katelyn Marsh  $800   Forest Hills
Studying Art Education at IUP

Sara Miller  $500     Blacklick Valley
Studying Interior Design at IUP
 *Glenn Brougher Award

Devin Forst    $250    Cambria Heights
Studying Illustration at Pennsylvania College of Arts & Design

Brennan Brougher    $210    North Star
Studying Art Studio at IUP

Winter 2014 newsletter    view
Spring 2014 newsletter    view
Summer 2014 newsletter    view
Fall 2014 newsletter  view
                 2015 SCHOLARSHIP Recipients
                                             juror Sally Stewart

Katey Ladika      $2000  Forest Hills
SCAD, Oregon, VCU or FSC     Visual Effects/Digital Studio

 Angela Meyers     $1000  Windber Area
Edinboro University         Art Education

 Tori Flick    $700   Central Cambria
Robert Morris University  Graphic Design/Media Arts

Stephanie Leverknight    $400   Homeschooled
NY Institute of Photography   Pro  Photography

Cayla Erisman     $400       Conemaugh Township
Pennsylvania College of Technology   bArchitecture

Alexander C. Bunting   $300      Portage Area
Art Institute of Pittsburgh        Graphic Design

 Matthew Derrick    $200     Richland High School
Art Institute of Pittsburgh       Game Art & Design


AAJ Winter Show 2015    not available

AAJ Spring Show 2015     show online
AAJ Summer Show 2015   show online 

MASTERPIECE IN BLOOM     show online

AAJ Fall Show 2015       show online
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Johnstown art by Ralph Clemenson
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AAJ Winter Show 2016      show online

AAJ Spring Show 2016     show online
AAJ Summer Show 2016   show online 

AAJ Fall Show 2016       not available
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Spring 2016 newsletter    view
Summer 2016 newsletter    view
Fall 2016 newsletter  view
                 2016 SCHOLARSHIP Recipients
                                             juror: Maureen Kimlin

Reiko Gresko   $1500  Richland
Bowling Green State University           digital arts

Anthony Moran  $1000   Richland
Penn State University                   architecture

Noah Simpson   $1000   Forest Hills
media arts with concentration in photography

Jade Regan  $1000  Central Cambria
Seton Hill                           art therapy

Monica Lough  $500  Westmont Hilltop
Temple University        fine arts

AAJ Spring Show 2017     not available
AAJ Summer Show 2017   show online 

AAJ Fall Show 2017       show online
Winter 2017 newsletter    view
Spring 2017 newsletter    view
Summer 2017 newsletter    view
Fall 2017 newsletter         view
                 2017 SCHOLARSHIP Recipients
                                         juror: Art Lambert
Sara Wright   $3000  Forest Hills
Brigham Young University           art

Amanda Johns  $1000   Westmont
Savannah College of Art and Design    graphic design

Allyson Black   $1000   Richland
Grace College                             art

AAJ Spring Show 2018    show online
AAJ Summer Show 2018   show online 

AAJ Fall Show 2018       show online

Concert Ballet Show 2018       show online
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Spring 2018 newsletter    view
Summer 2018 newsletter    view
Fall 2018 newsletter         view
                 2018 SCHOLARSHIP Recipients
Emily Hong     $2000     Berlin Brothersvalley High School
Fashion Institute of Technology in New York - fashion design.

DeShaun Hamer   $1000   Greater Johnstown High School
Pittsburgh Technical College - graphic design.

Maeve Milligan    $1000    Westmont Hilltop High School
Millersville College - Visual Arts and Art Education

Jacob Zidik         $1000     Greater Johnstown High School
Pittsburgh Technical College - graphic design
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Spring 2019 newsletter    view
Summer 2019 newsletter    view
Fall 2019 newsletter         view

AAJ Spring Show 2019    show online
AAJ Summer Show 2019   show online 

AAJ Fall Show 2019       show online

                 2019 SCHOLARSHIP Recipients
                                                      Juror John Minnich. 

Christine Troll              $1500       Somerset  
University of Pittsburgh, Bradford -  interdisciplinary arts

Sydney Huston            $1500      Westmont Hilltop 
IUP  -  studio art-graphic design

Marian Grata                 $400      Central Cambria, will
study graphic design at Slippery Rock University; 

Savannah Reitz             $400       Greater Johnstown
Slippery Rock University   - art education and pre art therapy
Emily Belinda               $400        Forest Hills
IUP     -    art education

Molly Piwonka              $400        Salisbury Elk Lick Eastern Mennonite University    -    art education

Trinity Hardrick             $400        Greater Johnstown
Pittsburgh Technical College   -   graphic design

Annette Ballow, AAJ Scholarship Chair 

AAJ Spring Show 2020    show cancelled

AAJ Summer Show 2020   show cancelled

AAJ Fall Show 2020      show online ONLY

Winter 2020 newsletter    view
Spring 2020 newsletter    view
Summer 2020 newsletter    view
Fall 2020 newsletter         view
                 2020 SCHOLARSHIP Recipients

Scholarships were awarded to the following for 2020-2021

Elizabeth Gribschaw, $2,000    Richland High School
University of Notre Dame to study Architecture

Anne Gritzer, $1,500                Bishop McCort
Saint Vincent to study Art Education

Megan Rusnak              Forest Hills
IUP to study Studio Art

Allison Somerville           Berlin Brothersvalley
IUP to study Art

 Lida Hood., Scholarship Chair/Juror
note: Covid Pandemic impacted much of this year's activities
Winter 2021 newsletter   view
Spring 2021 newsletter view

     2021 SCHOLARSHIP Recipients 
                                                            Juror: Donna Housel

Scholarships were awarded to the following for 2021-2022

Eden Balog, $2,500 Allied Artist Legacy Scholarship, Westmont Hilltop, Penn State University, Graphic Design

Tarin Varner, $1,000 Allied Artist Legacy Scholarship, Forest Hills, Indiana University, Art Education

2021 AAJ Online Exhibits 

AAJ Spring Exhibit 2021     show online

AAJ Summer Exhibit 2021     show online

AAJ/Camera Club Joint Event 2021   show online
2022 AAJ Online Exhibits 

AAJ Spring Exhibit 2022     show online

AAJ Summer Exhibit 2022     show online

AAJ Fall Exhibit 2022        show online                  view the Summer newsletter
                                                                               view the Fall newsletter
   2022 SCHOLARSHIP Recipients 

AAJ Scholarships are now being consolidated and awarded in partnership with CACCC

Scholarships were awarded to the following for 2022:

Ella Anderson, $2000, Central Cambria
Emma Bawieck, $1500, Forest Hills
Emily Jacobs, $1500, Northern Cambria
E-newsletters are sent out quarterly
 ​ 2023 SCHOLARSHIP Recipients

AAJ Scholarships are awarded in partnership with CACCC

Mariellen Mish, $1,000. Attending Indiana University of PA, Graphic Design/Illustration. 

Aurora Ellis, $1,500. Attending Illinois Institute of Technology,  Architecture. 

Taylor Lambert, $2,500. Attending Indiana University of PA, Graphic Design/Illustration.
2023 AAJ Online Exhibits 

AAJ Spring Exhibit 2023     show online

AAJ Summer Exhibit 2023    show online

AAJ Fall Exhibit 2023      show online