Johnstown art by Ralph Clemenson
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Exhibiting at University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Pasquirella Center SAMA
Aug 24 - Dec 14, 2018

Apologies in advance to the artists whose works under glass have the glares detracting from the artwork. Mouse-over thumbnail for artist information, click for larger view.
Congratulations to our Award Recipients:
Shown in photo, from left to right
William Dembowski, Don Zonal Patcher,  Ann Dougherty,Kathleen Kase Burk, Thomas Motak, Jaime Helbig, Diana Williams, Joy Fairbanks, Lori Shutz

not shown: Larry Mallory
Juror for this exhibit was Susan M. Palmisano, Professor of Painting at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ms.Palmisano has exhibited her work widely since 1990, and has conducted workshops and lectures both nationally and internationally. 
Annette Ballow - The Burrens Ireland
Annette Ballow - The Ride to Kerry Ireland
Ed Burda - Bamboozled
Kathleen Kase Burk - 234 buttons- 
Lynn Musuilin and Anon AWARD
Ken Cotlar - 378
Ken Cotlar - 519
Bill Dembowski - Grazhopper - Edwin and Rosemary Pawlowski AWARD
Bill Dembowski - Snowonder
Ann Dougherty - Rhapsody in Black -
Ken Cotlar and Gary Lehman AWARD
Ann Dougherty - Untitled
Joy Fairbanks - Exit Black and White2 - Jean Beecher AWARD
Joy Fairbanks - Plein Air 2
Fieser - Eric
Fieser - Resting My Bones
Gramling - Budding Beauty
Jaime Helbig - Warchdog on the Beach -  Mary F. Lessard AWARD
Jaime Helbig -
Hutz - Kindred Spirits
Cliff Kepple - Bright Summer Morning
Marianne Krizner - Contemplation
Alan Lichtenfels - Beep Beep
Larry Mallory - Retired - 
Evelyn Picking AWARD
Lance Marks - Jenny
Laura Marsh - Hollow Road
Tom Motak - One Toast - 
Robert Thomas AWARD
Tom Motak - Speak-Easy
Cindy Mullen - Priism
Patcher - Cyber Poetic Hedonic Geometrix Glamour - Dr Magdi and Karen Azer AWARD
Patcher - Harmonic Fractal Temple
Patcher - Theme From Glowing Effective Creation in Retrospect
Pender - Under the Boardwalk
Rauch - Bydlo
Lori Shutz - Practice makes perfect - 
First Summit Bank AWARD
Lori Shutz - Time To Play
Bennett Vaughn - Autumn tea
Bennett Vaughn - Three on a leaf
Jeannne Wagle - Café Beignet
Jeannne Wagle - Magnolias
Theresa Walters-  three mushrooms
Ned Wert - Santaurio Latino
Bob Wertz- Tthe stories it could tell
Diana Williams - My Toy - 
Dorothy and Camille Maravelli AWARD