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Johnstown art by Ralph Clemenson
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Exhibiting at Bottle Works
April 21 - May 28, 2022


Judith Crookston "The Charwomen" - Best of Show

Brian Dumm "Breaking the News" - First Place

Kim Williams "Angelo & Juliet" - First Place Redux

Ken Cotlar  "#548" - Second Place

Paul Seymour "Summer Serenity" - Second Place Redux

Margaret Black "Curb Appeal 123 - Honorable Mention

Ann Dougherty "River Song" - Honorable Mention 

Norman Ed  "untitled monument" - Honorable Mention
Juror's Statement

    The breadth of artwork submitted for the Allied Artists of Johnstown: Spring Juried Exhibition is a testament to the vibrant artist community in this region. I was excited to see the variety of media and processes used in the work submitted for this exhibit. The artworks in this show tell personal stories, capture moments in time, celebrate nature, and use medium as the image itself.
Choosing awards for any art exhibition never gets easier. I always approach the task with a bit of trepidation. While every judge approaches this with somewhat different criteria, there are often similarities. Important factors are craftmanship and technique, individual expression, and unique individual qualities that draw the viewer back to the piece for a second or third look, or in my case a fourth or fifth.
In the end, judging this show was a pleasant yet challenging experience. Many more pieces were just edged out of receiving awards, and another judge may easily have chosen different works. Even with the amount of awards offered, narrowing down the selections was a difficult task. All artists should be proud of the work they are creating and are encouraged to keep striving to that next level of their art.
Jess Campbell 

About the Juror       Jessica Campbell pursued her arts education at Seton Hill University, where she graduated with a B.F.A in 3-D media. Jess is the Education Coordinator for the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art and is responsible for overseeing the Arts-in-Education, Artist-in-Residence and Museum Healthcare Partnership programs. Jess is also the Loretto and Johnstown Site Coordinator where she is responsible for executing exhibitions and programming. Jess is currently working on her Master’s in Education at Saint Francis University. 
Award winners, left to right: Margaret Black, Ann Dougherty, Judith Crookston, Kim Williams, Paul Seymour, and Ken Cotlar.     Missing: Brian Dumm and Norman Ed
Annette Ballow 'Leader of the Pack' acrylic on canvas
Joe Berzansky 'Hazardous Lifestyle' Acrylic
Carole Cecere 'Pelican' oil
Margaret Black 'Frame of Reference: Out of Context' fiber surface design
Margaret Black 'Square Hole' fiber surface design
Ken Cotlar ' #562' acrylic on canvas
Betty Cernansky 'North Shore' oil on canvas
Ken Cotlar '#548' acrylic on canvas SECOND PLACE AWARD
Joe Berezansky ' Cherry Bomb' acrylic
Annette Ballow 'Radiant Radian' acrylic
Bryan Smith 'Cambria Iron Blacksmith Shop' photography
Carole Cecere 'Autumn Birches' acrylic
Carole Cecere 'Wildflowers' watercolor
Betty Cernansky 'Blowing in the Wind'  oil and colored pencil
Ken Cotlar '#526' acrylic on canvas
Judith Crookston 'The Charwomen' oil - BEST OF SHOW
Judith Crookston 'Painted Fern' photography
Judith Crookston 'Pond Life' mixed media
Darlene Custer 'Drawing of Sue' pencil
Donald Patcher 'Exotic Flower Plant' 3D Digital Fractal
Donald Patcher 'Fractal Forest Garden' 3D Digital Fractal
Donald Patcher 'Spontaneous Inherent Forms of Order' 3D Digital Fractal
Bill Dembowski 'Broken Tree' photography
Bill Dembowski 'Canadian Goose' photography
Bill Dembowski 'On the Lake' photography
Ann Dougherty 'River Sang' oil HONORABLE MENTION
Ann Dougherty 'Winterlude' oil
Brian Dumm 'Breaking the News' mixed FIRST PLACE
Brian Dumm 'Immigrant' mixed
Norman Ed 'Building Houses' mixed media
Norman Ed 'Event' mixed media
Norman Ed 'Untitles' steel sculpture
Joy Fairbanks 'Ghost Gum' photography
Joy Fairbanks 'Pondering' Collage
Kathy Fieser '8th St Park Slope, Brooklyn' watercolor
Kathy Fieser 'Friends' digital drawing
Kathy Fieser 'Self Portrait 1' mixed media
Bonnie Friedline 'Scattered Vibrations' Acrylic and mixed
Jaime Helbig 'Aubrey' watercolor
Jaime Helbig 'Aubrey's Nursery' watercolor
Jaime Helbig 'Seafood, please' oil
Patrice Henkel 'Cold Spring Hill' acrylic on wood
Patrice Henkel 'Of Motion and Stillness' acrylic on canvas
Patrice Henkel 'Wrapped Rail by Rail, Lost in Fleeces' acrylic on wood
Lida Hood 'Guess' mixed media
Marianne Krizner 'All Smiles' pastel
Marianne Krizner 'Escape' oil
Matt Lamb 'Ahoy Matey 2050' charcoal/colored pencil
Matt Lamb 'Bodacious' colored pencil
Matt Lamb 'Safe from the Flames' charcoal
Al Lichtenfels 'Chicken (Not so) Little' metal
Al Lichtenfels 'Long tailed roadrunner' metal
Al Lichtenfels 'Soaring Bird' metal
Lydia Mack 'Grim Creeper' ink
Lydia Mack 'Facing My Fear A self Portrait' oil
Chris Mahla 'Winter Mix' oil
Chris Mahla 'Resting' charcoal/graphite
Larry Mallory 'Standing Guard' watercolor
Lora Marsh 'Sunflower' oil on wood panel
Shelley Poli 'Reaching' pastel on tan sandpaper
Shelley Poi 'The Jazz Player' pastel on black sandpaper
Shelley Poli 'Incurious' pastel on black sandpaper
Janice Sandak 'Artisan's Hands' watercolor
Janice Sandak 'Long Ago and Far Away' pencil
Nicole Scharrer 'The Lionesses' acrylic on canvas
Paul Seymore 'In Flight' oil on canvas
Paul Seymore 'Summer Serenity' oil on panelSECOND PLACE REDUX AWARD
Paul Seymore 'Perched' oil
Bryan Smith 'Chateau de Chamborg' photography
Bryan Smith '828 Diamond Blvd' photography
C. Tira Thompson 'Reverie' mixed med
Duane Webb 'The Four Horsemen' oil
Mary Wiley Lewis 'Black-eyed Susans' pastel
Mary Wiley Lewis 'Marigold" charcoal
Zone Patcher 'Self Imposed Imprisonments' 3D digital fractal art
Steven Stern 'Mariachi' acrylic on canvas
Steven Stern 'Old Photograph' acrylic on canvas
C. Tira Thompson 'Seldom Seen' photography
Mary Wiley Lewis 'Weeping Rocks' pastel
Diana Williams 'Gardenias in the Rain' oil
Zone Patcher 'I Forgot' 3D digital fractal art
Zone Patcher 'Impossible Manufactured Apparition' 3D digital fractal art
Apologies in advance to the artists whose works under glass have glares detracting from the artwork. Mouse-over thumbnail for artist information, click for larger view.