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Don Rayner
I was born in England and came to Johnstown when I was a year old and have lived and worked here ever since then. My wife is also from England and we met in school. I worked at Bethlehem Steel for 29 years until they closed the plant. I then went to IUP and received an Associate Degree in Computers and Office Information Systems and when I graduated I got a job in Johnstown for a new company (Summit Technologies that has since closed) that was making manuals for the US Navy destroyers AEGIS weapon systems. After 12 years they lost the contract and close up. I then worked part-time jobs at Goodwill, Harvey's Supply, and the Federal government giving tests to those that wanted to join the army.

I have also written a book 'Winter Is My Middle Name' about growing up in Johnstown in the late 1950's.

See Don Rayner's face book page: https://www.facebook.com/don.rayner.94.
Don Rayner
Artwork by Don Rayner