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Diana Williams
Diana Williams
Hello to a my dear friends through the arts. It is always so good to be with you. I am including a face shot, actually a double because it was taken at a show with a self -portrait . Also, we were asked to send some images of favorite works so there are a couple of these here as well. If you want to see more you can check out the gallery on my web site at https://dianawilliamsportraits.com/. If any of you are interested in
'following' me, click the appropriate prompts and you will receive a notice when I post infrequently. But, keep in mind, that if you are interested in doing portraits or just curious about my technique, I often give details about how something is accomplished in my work so scroll down through the posts and read the
scripts with them.
I have been drawing faces since I was a preteen. I took one class in 2011 but the class turned out to be using a totally different technique so I cannot say it was much help but I gained a lot of insight into how other artists work and what I did not want to incorporate into my method. I approached a solid style because of what I wanted to see in portraits and also especially because I needed a system hat I couId
adapt to my health and pain conditions. I find that everything I see in human faces calls out to me to be a portrait so I rarely need to search for my next subject because so many are waiting. If I notice a particularly striking face or expression or 
lighting, I am diligent about getting photo references immediately and filing them in an ever- increasing folder of 'to be considered' subjects.
I am compelled to do portraits, so much so that my desire to learn landscape and still life is always left in the dust as I move ahead on these faces that call me. I must admit to sneaking in a flor sometimes and I refer to these as portraits of a flower! I did a lot of flower gardening throughout my life and I am sad that my heart and knees prevent me from continuing this endeavor. I do manage to have a large
collection of blooming orchids that bring me joy without too much battle against my body.
I want to take this opportunity to than those of you who have encouraged me. You may believe that I have always been aware of my talent and success as an artist but you would be wrong. Mostly, I assumed it was passing to mediocre. Thanks to those wonderful people who begged me to teach and those who helped me see my gift, I now realize I am blessed. As I find myself in my 'golden' years, I pray to pass what I have learned to others and also to remain able to continue doing what I love for a long time. My husband and I raised five daughters and two foreign exchange daughters. They and the grandchildren carry the gene and want me to teach them my method. I am looking forward to that.
I send my love and encouragement to all of you. I am looking forward to reading your profile on our AAJ website. Sincerely, Diana L Williams
Diana's Artwork