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Sarah Gayle
​Artist's Statement

Being vivaciously creative has always been a driving energy inside me for any activity I undertake. It can be seen as a connecting thread throughout my life's adventures. My varied background covers corporate executive roles, training and development of adult education programs, inspirational speaker as well as more traditionally creative roles as a published author and illustrator, painter, designer, paper artist and costumer. 

My love of the Arts and the desire to be creativity has lead me on unique travel and education paths, through Europe, Canada and from one side of the US to the other, discovering such things as the relationships between math and art, Fletcher color theory and in the process, falling in love with Vincent van Gogh. Through all my experiences, I look for opportunities to be creative because I know I see the world differently. My art and design projects allow me to share that view with others, and keep me seeking opportunities to continually learn both as an instructor and as a student.


Artwork by Sarah Gayle
Sarah Gayle (Silwones)